Members: Rev.P.Dawkin, Mrs.A.Healy Mrs.S.Hudson, Mrs. H.Lane Mr.G.Lane, Mrs.B.Mackay  Mrs.S.Shellien 

The ACE group are responsible for organising the themes for the Lent groups and the follow up session when Easter Celebrations are over. They are also responsible for the organisation of the Advent Reflection groups. These evenings are well attended and consist of two people not necessarily members of the A.C.E. group preparing their own material and content of the Reflection for the evening that they have chosen. The Youth group IGNITE usually do the second Sunday in Advent. On the other three Sundays we have various people who are willing to plan their Reflection and choose their own theme.

During the summer months a visit is usually organised to other Faiths.  We have organised a visit to a Synagogue, an Hindu Temple and an Islamic Mosque and also a combined visit to our own Liverpool Cathedrals. It is hoped that a visit to a Greek Orthodox Church can be planned.


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