The Gift of Life for Zambia started as part of a Millennium project jointly funded by Christian Aid and CAFOD. Its first project was raising 1,00,000 pennies by people filling jars with there change and handing them in, to this day jars are still coming in with pennies for Zambia. The money raised helps those living with HIV/AIDS in Livingstone.

This was the start of one of the most active groups within the parish. The main image on the hanging is now used as the figurehead for the group and any of its events leaflets or letters will show a silhouette of the African lady and her children.

Sue Archer was commissioned as the artist-in-residence to design the hanging, and ten workshops for the community, eight for adults and one each for the two parish schools, were held for the design to be made into a reality. 
Both of the schools of St Basil’s and All Saints were actively involved in producing material that was used in the hanging. St Basils produced the tie-dyed squares that make the backing for the hanging. All saints produced the printing blocks that we used to decorate the strips of fabric that border the central panel.

An accompanying book with photos and designs along with those who actively took part in producing the hanging can be found in front of the hanging.

Since 2000 we have sent £75,000.  A joint parish group visiting them were humbled by their dedicated care for orphans and other affected by AIDS.

Gift of Life for Zambia started in 1999 as a Shared Church Project to celebrate the Millennium. We chose to support St. Francis Home Based Care in Livingstone, Zambia, as Fr. Kevin Kelly had visited the community and personally knew Sr. Mary Courtney who heads the Project. The overall vision of St. Francis is to improve health, reduce poverty, and to have an AIDS-free Livingstone Community. The parishioners of St. Basil and All Saints have generously donated gifts of money, and supported all fundraising events to provide care for the orphans, and those suffering from HIV/AIDS and their families. Monies sent, also fund food, medicines, and even, coffins. Funding assists education programmes to be set up to prevent the spread of the disease, and enables Income Generating Activities and skill training to be created. The Gift of Life for Zambia is now a registered charity. The Hough Green Arts Group, which is affiliated to Gift of Life for Zambia, organises concerts, speakers and outings to benefit the local community and to raise funds for Zambia. The committee holds meetings about eight times a year plus they attend all fundraising events. The Chairperson is Sue Shellien and the Vice Chairperson is Monica Kelly.


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